Micromat Drive Scope 1.2.15 Mac Free Download

Micromat Drive Scope Crack For Mac Free Download Full Here. Hard drives (and solid-state drives) are the most failure-prone components in your Mac. For that very reason, in fact, drive manufacturers have built in self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology right into the drive. (a.k.a. SMART) Most utilities barely scratch the surface of this information, simply reporting the bare essentials: pass or fail. Too often, once the overall failure has occurred, there isn’t enough time to get important data from the drive. With Techtool Pro Drive Scope, you can see into the health of most any drive connected to your Mac.

Micromat Drive Scope mac crack

The solid-state drives (SSDs) that Apple uses in its newest Macs* use a new connection type, called NVMe. Until now, no utility was available that could read the SMART attributes from these drives – including Apple’s Disk Utility. Beginning with the latest update, version 1.1.1, Drive Scope can read the data on these drives, providing access to your drive’s health data

Building on the improvements to the SMART check in Techtool Pro Mac Free Download, Drive Scope not only provides early warning when a drive is on the path to failure but provides a deep dive into the health of the drive. See what errors have occurred, and when, along with whether the errors are temporary or an indicator of overall failure. You can even trigger the drive’s internal testing to run manually, providing instant access to up-to-date drive health information. With Drive Scope, you are in control of your drive’s health.

Micromat Drive Scope Mac Key Features:

Mojave Compatible
Drive Scope is the most modern SMART data analysis tool and is fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Supports Newest Solid State Drives – NVMe Support
The latest Macs’ solid-state drives replace the aging SATA connection with a new connection type, known as NVMe. This connection, until now, didn’t allow sharing of the drive’s SMART data. These modern SSDs display their health data a little differently, so you’ll see a different selection of tabs for these drives.

Control over Testing
Typically, a drive will check its SMART attributes whenever it is convenient. With Drive Scope, you can manually trigger the drive’s internal tests to make sure the SMART data is as up-to-date as possible. Check how long since the last time the drive ran a test with the drive’s testing log.

SMART Drive Information
When you first open Drive Scope, an information page is displayed, summarizing all the critical information about your drive. See Drive Scope’s advanced health assessment at a glance, along with the number of errors encountered, as well as model and capacity information specific to your drive.

Micromat Drive Scope Crack For Mac

Micromat Drive Scope Crack For Mac

Micromat Drive Mac System Requirements:

  • Intel-based Macs
  • OS X 10.9 or greater, including macOS 10.15 ‘Catalina’

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Download Micromat Drive Scope 1.2.15 For Mac Full Version:


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