xSearch for Safari Extension 1.8.4 MacOS

xSearch is a Safari extension MacOS enables using multiple search engines, add a shortcut and a space before the search text to switch between search engines instantly. xSearch for Safari Extension Mac Download. xSearch for Safari Extension Mac M1. xSearch for Safari Extension Mac Free.

For example: use “g apple” to search apple with Google search engine, and “ddg apple” to search apple with DuckDuckGo search engine.

xSearch for Safari Mac OS

** Privacy Policy **
This is how macOS describes xSearch’s permissions in the Safari Extensions settings
‣‣ “xSearch” does NOT have permissions to read, alter or transmit content from any webpages.
That means we can NOT access content from any webpages, so your privacy is fully protected.

** Functionalities **
• With xSearch you can switch your search engines with shortcut instantly in the Safari app, but that isn’t the fastest way, right? How about not opening Safari? Yes, you can even switch engines in Spotlight with shortcut and redirect to Safari automatically.

• URL Scheme: xSearch not only supports website engines, but also supports URL Scheme, for example: search twapp apple in Safari (or Spotlight) will redirect to Twitter app (if it’s installed) and search apple automatically.

xSearch for Safari MacApp Download

xSearch for Safari Macos

• Syncing all your engines across your devices via iCloud.
• Edit engines in JSON.

xSearch for Safari Extension Mac System Requirements:

  •  macOS 11 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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Download xSearch for Safari Extension 1.8.4 For Mac Full Version:


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